TdA. Titulización de Activos


Titulización de Activos

Friday, July 12, 2024
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BOND ISSUE FACILITY (with State Guarantee) for a maximum outstanding balance of up to EUR 26,000,000,000 backed by revenue deficit receivables of the regulated settlements of the electricity sector ("Tariff Deficit Receivables").

Change of office address

With the objective of giving the best service, TdA changes its office address to:

C/ Orense 58, 5ª Planta.

Titulización de Activos, SGFT, S.A.- C/ Orense, 58 - 5ª Planta / 28020 - MADRID

Tel. (34) 91 702 08 08 / Fax: (34) 91 308 68 54 / E-Mail:

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